Creative Customizations

No cookie-cutter interfaces or predefined resource limits here! We build lab environments from the ground up allowing us to design a lab environment that works the way YOU want it to.

Our customers enjoy a level of customization second to none.

CPU, Memory and Disk resources are sized to where you need them. Not static sizes that force you into paying for more than you need or suffering performance.

Your students lab environment can be made up of one or many virtual machines. It can be connected to the rest of the class or self contained in it’s own private network. You can even use the same IP and MAC address’s so that each student’s lab is IDENTICAL to the others.

Instructor kits can be customized to include additional files, applications and features that allow them to perform value add in-class demonstrations above the standard student kit capabilities.

Multiple lab access methods – HTML 5 and RDP Gateway’s.

We deliver your lab release where you need it – email, box, LMS, etc.

Our design goal is to create a customized lab delivery that is easy and seamless to use! cfnm glam whores cause cum explosion.